Speakers 2022

Our Speakers

Bernhard Lorig

Startup Coach & Crowdfunding Manager

Thomas Bühner

Culinary Expert

Dr. Carmen Schwalbe

Author, Podcaster, Global Key-Note Speaker

Helen Tacke

Founder at Cozero

Eduardo Luis Sotelo Meza

CEO & Co-founder of Horus Prosthetics

Kerstin Renner

Business Coach and Consultant

Lilith Diringer

CEO of ChargeHorizons

Markus Witte

Founder and Chairman at Babbel

Tim Siebert

Head of Operations at Seedhouse Accelerator

Andrea Frahm

Author, Founder and head of Innovation & Strategic partnerships

Bibiana Barth

Journalist and Stock Exchange Correspondent

David Löwe

Co-Founder & CEO of Everdrop

Till Rösnick

Investment Manager

Laura Möller

Investment Manager

Dr. Peter Baumgart

Co-Founder at PlusDental

Irene Klemm

Co-Founder at EDURINO

Tina Dreimann

Founder of Better Ventures

Dr. Manuel Nothelfer

Co-Founder of Wellster

Dr. Olaf Gelsen

Coach & Consultant

Moritz von Hammerstein

Co-Founder & CPO of Prodlane